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2018 Winter Lecture Series – Early at the Gates: The Battle of Fort Stevens

The role of the fortifications around Washington, D.C. and how they were instrumental in the defense of the capital city in 1864 during the raid of Confederate Gen. Jubal Early are examined in this winter lecture.


2018 Winter Lecture Series – Early At The Gates: The Battle Of Fort Stevens
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  1. disappointing that your camera did not show the slide show. Not fair to the speaker who did a pretty good
    presentation of information and disappointing to me as a viewer of your usually interesting and informative videos. Because I couldn't follow the geography along with the visuals, I had had enough at 19:00 mark and clicked to
    another video.

  2. Good presentation with lots of interesting information. However, I feel compelled to join the chorus line of those that point out the obvious weakness of these YouTube videos not giving the viewer at home a look at the visual aids the speaker is using. I know resources are limited but it certainly would be greatly helpful if the camera could be manned with a person to shift the camera to the slide show as necessary. If that idea doesn't seem practical perhaps you guys could ask the speaker for a copy of his/her slides that could be added at the end of these presentation videos.f It would be better than nothing. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

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