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Smoky Mountains Trip Day 1, Part2 | Vlog#251

2018 Smoky Mountain Ride Playlist

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Smoky Mountains Trip Day 1, Part2 | Vlog#251
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  1. Such a beautiful area! Only ridden that part once and it was years ago. Have ridden the southern section of the BRP twice. Would like to go back and ride the entire thing one more time.

  2. While I appreciate all the effort women do to make themselves attractive, it does drive me a bit bonkers how much some of them take for a road trip. Here's a suggestion: if you have an itinerary of hotel/motels where you'll be staying at, just mail a box of stuff you can't fit on your bike to those locations. Use that same box to mail back all your used clothes, and whatever trinkets you bought along the way, to your or your friend's house. It works well for plane trips, also. I've taken 2 week long vacations with just a carry-on. As far as I'm concerned, not having to wait for luggage is worth the cost.

    Paying 35 bucks (while not cheap) for an almost traffic-free road with beautiful scenery seems like a fair trade off. If it was free, that road would probably be bumper-to-bumper traffic, especially in the summer. Yup, you guessed it, I don't like waiting in lines or sitting in traffic.

    As always, thanks for taking us along on your adventures 🙂

  3. Nice vid… Wish I had as much green scenery as you have to ride in instead of this ugly desert sandy stuff I've got. The bike seems to be looking better every time I see it. Ride safe bro and keep the videos coming.

  4. That is a gorgeous area to ride through bro. Minimize doesn’t work well sometimes. Looks like you might need a trailer bro. Ride safe.

  5. For $25 I wouldn't ride it very often, but I don't live close enough to even ride it more than once a year anyway… and I haven't ridden it yet. It's on my list for next year though. I plan to ride BRP and Skyline all at once from the southern end up and then go to the coastline and follow it back down and across the Gulf back to Mobile, AL. Should be a good, long ride. Be safe Bruce.

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